"Very knowledgeable and personable! In a busy life he makes taking care of yourself easy and quick! Available on Sunday to our home was amazing!"

McKenzie H. Sioux Falls

"The chiropractor showed up on time and was very time effective. Professional and courteous. Great price. I will certainly use him again." 

- Brian A. Sioux Falls

"Lucas is very skilled at what he does. He accommodated my schedule and made an appointment to come to our company headquarters when it was convenient for me so I wouldn’t have to take off work and drive across town. I’ve never been to a chiropractor so I didn’t know what to expect. Lucas made the process simple and he was able to get my back and neck adjusted correctly so that the discomfort and headache is gone. I will definitely be working with Lucas in the future. Thank you!"

-Alan G. Sioux Falls

"Dr. Marchand was great! Would highly recommend. We are in town for a sporting event and needed a chiropractor for our daughter - he re-arranged his schedule to meet us at the hotel and see her on short notice. He was very professional and educated us along the way - told us everything he was doing and why and was very helpful. Can’t thank him enough!"

Kathy K. 

"Dr. Marchland was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. While in town for work I needed an adjustment.
He came to my hotel, was prompt, respectful of my schedule for the day, and got me back into alignment.
Very reasonable and comparable appointment costs and the convenience cannot be beat"

Ashley S. Pierre, SD

"Friendly and always on time! Being a stay at home mother I can’t leave the house without packing up the kids so it is sooo nice to be able to have him come to my house during nap and fix me up! He’s the best!"

Katie K. Sioux Falls

"Professional, respectful, quick, flexible, and reliable service. Provides excellent service with good educational aspects to improve overall health. Responds to your needs timely. Great follow up. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is needing chiropractor services who has difficulty finding time in their busy schedule."

- Holly H. Sioux Falls

"(this is not a paid review) I'm writing this review because Lucas is a genuine and experienced chiropractic that is ready to help you out. He was on time, friendly, professional, honest, courteous, and reasonable. He earned his 5 star rating, no questions asked. I would definitely recommend him to family or friends. By far standing out in the Sioux Falls community and I have been to many chiropractors around the area. Just wow!

I hope you find this review useful, thank you."

- Shawn H. 

"Dr. Lucas was very thorough since it was my first time going to a chiropractor. He explain every step and explaining how each treatments work. He is very patient and he does not force anything that I am uncomfortable with. I like how the cost is very reasonable and that he is able to come to your house. When I first reach out to Dr. Lucas, I was not able to drive and go to a clinic, so it was very helpful that he came to my house."

- Tammy C. 

"I am another local chiropractor, and when I need to be treated, Dr. Lucas is the guy I call! He easily accommodates my own practice schedule and helps me to live by example in self-care!"

Cassandra B. 

"Timely, knowledgeable, fair priced, and well presented! Would highly recommend to anyone!"

- Chris W. 

"I was having acute neck pain on a Sunday. Dr. Lucas was able to see me right away and within 24 hours I was feeling much better. Very knowledgeable and professional. You will not find anyone else who is available 24/7 and comes to your home to treat you. I cannot explain how much I appreciate his services." 

- Austin K. 

"I am the person who buys everything on the internet. Shoes, clothes, health and beauty, everything.
So when I needed chiropractic care, I looked on YouTube and found Dr. Marchand. He comes to your home or office, whenever you need him! Same day appointment? Boom. Nights or Weekends? Boom. He is a very easy going and personable care giver, who gives real results in terms of back adjustments. It is best to rest immediately after any chiropractic treatment, and with a home visit, I can lye down and rest immediately. No frantic drive home from the chiropractor office because I need to rest my back. I feel better than I have in years, and I know that when I need him again he will be right over.
Boom. Sioux Falls Best kept secret !"

Denise R. 

"Dr. Lucas does an awesome job! I had vertigo and I really don't know what I would have done if he wouldn't have made a house called, I would definitely recommend him to friends and family Thank you, Dr. Lucas for your services."

Marlene S. 

"Great service and amazing skills. Love the house call service"

Jordan S. 

"Trying to find time for chiropractic appts is next to impossible while working 40-70 hrs a wk at my construction company, spending time with the family, and attending social activities every wk. However now that I found out about Dr. Lucas with MyChiro, I don't have to worry anymore. He comes right to the comfort of my own house so I don't have to worry about traveling to an office. He is extremely flexible and works around my schedule every time. I promise if you give Dr. Lucas a shot, you will definitely not be disappointed!!! His knowledge of the human anatomy and his commitment to his job is absolutely incredible. He is all around a great man to meet and always has a huge smile on his face! So glad I found him!!!"

- Chris N. 

"Dr. Lucas came out to my house (30 minutes from Sioux Falls) and adjusted my back several times. He was on time, worked around my schedule, came up with a treatment plan, and was very affordable. I work all day long so it was great to be able to get my back adjusted without having to leave work because he came in the evenings. I highly recommend his services!"

- Kelly P. 

"I provide a preschool environment as a business inside my home. In the past there were times I needed chiropractic care; but couldn't receive care because care was needed on a weekend, into the evening, or at a time I was engaged with my children. It is so empowering to know that, in the future if I need care at these times, Dr. Lucas Marchand LLC is available to provide chiropractic care immediately ensuring the best possible outcome for each chiropractic event."

- Pam S. 

"Dr. Lucas Marchand is amazing!! He displays a high level of professionalism and knowledge with his care . He is truly focused on the best personalized plan to benefit you. What is better than a Chiropractor that can meet you almost anytime, in the privacy and comfort of your own home?!"

- Adrienne F. 

"I would highly recommend Dr. Marchand. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and provided great service. Great experience!"

Randy H. 

"Great service! I called Dr. Marchand after hurting my back on a Monday evening. He was able to schedule an appointment that same day and met me home for an exam. Since my first adjustment, my recovery has accelerated dramatically. As someone who has been injured in this way before, it has made a significant difference in feeling better and getting back on track with my daily life."

- Alex Z. 

"Convenience is the new currency, and scheduling a chiropractic appointment during the 9-5 timeframe is such a hassle. The customer experience that Lucas has created should (will) revolutionize the way people look at all aspects of healthcare. His flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to bring something new to the medical industry is unprecedented in the Sioux Falls area. My experience with Lucas was exceptional. His deep knowledge of how the body functions, what can create a pain point, and what you can do to aleviate the pain is very impressive. Lucas seeks to understand your story, listening to what has caused your pain, how long you have had your pain, and what you might have already done to get rid of your pain, before trying to adjust you. He sets up a full service, comprehensive care plan, with one goal in mind: getting you feeling better/eliminating your discomfort.

Lucas has adjusted not only myself, but also my children, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing head, neck, back, shoulder, or ear pain, as there is a very high likelihood he will be able to properly diagnose and treat your ailment.
Job well done, Dr. Marchand."

- Josh N. 

"Top of the line chiopratic experience! If your like me and have a very busy life schedule this is the guy to see always on time and willing to work around your schedule to make your pain go away! highly recommend"

Jeremy F. 

"Lucas is great! I pulled a muscle in my arm and it was affecting my ability to do my business. He came to my store and set up and got my arm working again. Its a great option to have when you are running a business solo and cant get to an office for an appointment"

Carrie T. 

"Mychiro LLC adjusted me in my home comfortably! "
-Love the convenience of getting adjusted in my own home!
- Lucas is very informative, honest, and professional!
-He is driven by improving people's health and not the bottom dollar!"

- Amanda S. 

"My husband hurt his back on Sunday morning. He has had many issues in the past and I could tell he was in pain. I didn’t want him to have to wait till a Monday to get in to see his regular chiropractor, soI called Dr Lucas! We have never used his services before, but we will for sure be using him again! What a great experience! Dr Lucas is very thorough and asks lots of questions and explains everything thing he is doing! He was so friendly and easy to visit with! He spent a hour with us answering questions. So affordable! 29$ for him to come to our house on a Sunday afternoon! Amazing!!Highly recommend! Will refer all my friends and family to Dr Lucas from now on!"

- Darla H. 

"My first experience using a Chiropractor was a positive one with Dr. Marchand. I came to him with a neck/upper back and ribs injury as a result from the gym. He was able to successfully diagnose and help me improve and fully recover from the injury. In addition, the convenience of Dr. Marchand coming to my house saved me time during the work week. I highly recommend MyChiro for those looking for Chiropractic treatment."

- Ben G. 

"I had a great experience yesterday! I was a little nervous, as I’ve never had someone come to my door to adjust me. But I needed someone ASAP on a Saturday. My neck was so pained. Lucas was very professional, on time, and explained exactly what he was going to do before proceeding. He just made the whole experience comfortable. I will definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Lucas!"

Brook D. 

"Very professional! Called and he was at our door in under 30 min. Great job will def be calling again soon."

- Ashley M. 

"Did a great job! Would recommend to anyone. Very professional."

- Nick M. 

"Lucas was professional and on time. Did a great job of explaining what and why’s. Love that he comes to you! Highly recommend his service!"

Luke R. 

"Lucas is great. He shows up exactly when he says he will. He is very professional. He does a very good job at explaining exactly what he is doing before, during and after he adjusts your back. And what really sets him apart from every other chiropractor is that he'll see you whenever you need him to, whether at 7 in the morning or 9 at night on a Sunday. When my back goes out and I'm in pain, I can't wait four freaking days to see my chiropractor I need to see someone now, so I call Lucas!"

Eian S. 

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