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A Letter to My Readers

Why Some People Hate Chiropractors and Others Love Them

By Lucas Marchand, D.C.

The profession of chiropractic has been around for over 120 years (established in 1895) and is polarizing at best thanks to some of the wild claims made by some of my colleagues and dissatisfied patients. But I want to speak today on the markets world view around chiropractic.

Some people, have the impression that chiropractic care is an ongoing process for the rest of their life. Perhaps they visited a chiropractor once and felt railroaded into a long-term care plan that was going to cost them a lot of money and even more time. That same person could be visiting an office that sees hundreds of happy people every week.

What's going on here? Same office, two different people, two different results.

Beyond the fact that results in terms of clinical outcomes always vary, is the fact that some peoples world view on different subjects gives them the results they were expecting. Bare with me for a minute. If John Doe felt he was lead on, overpaid, or even felt forced into a care plan while Jane Q is happy to visit her chiropractor each month, refers, and is happy to pay. What's the difference?

There are two differences in my opinion: Poor communication and world view.

Poor communication probably kills any business and/or relationship, even Doctor/Patient relationships. Perhaps John Doe didn't know that his chronic back pain for the past 8 months wasn't going to just go away in one or two sessions. Perhaps John Doe comes from a family that is suspicious of chiropractors or other ALT-Health providers. Either way, John didn't get what he was looking for and his biases were validated. And it's not John Doe's fault. A combination of his world view and lack of communication or poor communication set his experience up to be an unpleasant one.

Contrast that with Jane Q. Jane comes from a small town where the closest primary care provider was the town chiropractor. She's pro-active about her health. Tries to eat a healthy diet with plenty of exercise and sleep. A chiropractor is an adjunct to her staying healthy and functional for her family.

Chiropractors only have a 10% utilization nationwide. Partly because of unfair campaigns and daily attacks on our profession from our allopathic friends, another part in being quite divided amongst ourselves, and yet another part of our lack of communication with our patients.

Chiropractic care isn't necessarily vital. In fact, for pain you could take some pill and get rid of it relatively quickly. Not necessarily getting to the root cause per se. But many of my patients prefer not to rely on OTC drugs and Rx's. The goal of chiropractic care along with healthy lifestyle changes including diet and exercise is to help our patients become more functional and live a more active lifestyle. Not necessarily to get you out of pain right away - although that is our goal as well. But functional outcomes is the main goal along with maintaining that functionality for life. A body in motion stays in motion. This is why some opt for some routine care. Whether that's once per month, twice per month, or even weekly. Still other's come as needed and maybe only need a few sessions because from their experience, if they let their issue persist it just means more care generally on the back end.

chiropractic adjustment
Dr. Marchand performing thoracic spinal manipulation


All in all chiropractic is a misunderstood but wonderful profession. Each day millions of people (I'm not sure on that stat) receive chiropractic care to support pain management, functional outcomes, and quite frankly routing chiropractic care just feels good.

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to good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

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