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"Why I spend more time with my patients"|by Dr. Lucas Marchand

The typical chiropractic office visit is about 5-10 minutes.

Why is that. . .?

Well by no fault of the chiropractor(s) it's the insurance companies that force chiropractors to see a high volume of people each week to make up for the ever declining reimbursement.

This is a lose lose situation. Because chiropractors are forced to see hundreds of patients each week to keep their doors open and patients aren't necessarily receiving the best care.

In my small house call practice I chose to ditch the insurance model which won't be around for chiropractors much longer and decided to spend more time with my patients.

As I said earlier the typical office visit is 5-10 minutes. I spend 30-60 minutes with my House Call Patients. In that time we are able to get so much more done per session which means fewer overall visits and better outcomes.

Head Shot of Dr. Lucas Marchand
Dr. Lucas Marchand

To good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

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