The Original Sin On "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes|Dr. Lucas Marchand

There is a book called "why we get fat." It's written by Gary Taubes and was and still is quite controversial.

  1. In this quick blog post I want to begin with the first chapter, "The Original Sin"

  2. You can also watch the Youtube video as well. That's about 5 minutes.

Let get started shall we?

This book, is more or less a historical digression of the various myths around the supposed health related risks of eating fat. It begins in New Your City in the 1930's. The epidemic of obesity was beginning to manifest itself in children.

This was two decades before the first fast food franchises, this was 50 years before high fructose corn syrup (HFC). This decade (the thirties) was marked by mass poverty and soup kitchens.

And even back then the advice given to people who were overweight by doctors isn't much different than today, "exercise more, eat less" as though the mere thought had never crossed our minds.

Gary goes on to say that the primary cause of the epidemic is and was Insulin. A hormone that stores calories and nutrients. This hormone is essentially modulated by what we eat. More specifically carbohydrates.

"Carbohydrates are driving insulin levels up, which is driving fat storage."


"Stay away from carbohydrate rich foods, and the sweeter the food or the easier it is to consume and digest-liquid carbohydrates like beer, fruit juices, and sodas are probably the worst- the more likely it is to make you fat and the more you should avoid it."

~Gary Taubes

stay tuned for the next post where I discuss chapter two, "Biology, Not Physics"

Dr. Lucas Marchand

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