The One Minute Blog|Back Pain and Sedentary Lifestyle|Dr. Lucas Marchand

Everyday in the news we here something about how Americans and the rest of the western world are more and more sedentary each day. With a sedentary lifestyle there are a host of risk factors including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. However one that is often neglected is pain.

Painful, arthritic facet joints are commonly associates with an inactive lifestyle. This is often exacerbated by the aging of our bodies and more specifically our discs.

When we are young our discs move from the center of the disc, but as we age the load is transferred disproportionately to our facet joints not to our hydraulic discs.

Medication and surgery are often the first lines of defense against this and often to no avail.

Research has shown that the side posture chiropractic adjustment of the lumbar spine, gaps these facet joints, releasing gas (cavitation or that popping sound), adhesions, and alters the pain sensitivity nerve fibers of the motoneurons.

It also effects the central nervous system (CNS)

This means that adjustments have not only a local impact but a global impact as well.

The chiropractic adjustment reestablishes a physical range of motion!

This will enable you to move better and feel better! Increased function and decreased pain!

stay tuned for tomorrows blog!

to good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

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