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Jacked, Tan, Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Live Longer, More Creative, More $$$ . . . The ONE thing?

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary formula that will make you more slim, more attractive, live longer, more creative, protects you from disease, more happy, less depressed , less anxious, more MONEY!

Would you like to know more? Keep reading.

Hi I'm Lucas Marchand a local House Call Chiropractor in Sioux Falls and today we are going to talk about how to get all of these things in this over the top title.

SLEEP the force multiplier

We will discuss:

the Beliefs we have around sleep,

the ideal environment for sleep,

what sort of intake effects sleep,

and your habits around sleep.


Let's begin:

  1. Beliefs:

a. Don't be superstitious about sleep. Yeah, I know we need 8 hours. The problem is when we obsess over the amount of sleep it tends to give us anxiety which has an ant-sleep effect. Instead, flip the belief on its head and tell yourself, "I don't need a lot of sleep." Instantaneously kills the anxiety.

b. A lot of the benefits of sleep come from being in a very dark room for an extended period of time. Ever take a 30 minute nap or even just laydown but not sleep for a half hour or so? This effect alone is refresshing and allows you to reset for the rest of the day. Apply this to your sleep at night.

c. Don't track your sleep. This is like point "a" above. It just give you anxiety and if you're competitive like me I try to beat my sleep from the night before. Which doesn't make sense. Sleep isn't a game.

d. Weekends = Weekdays. Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. Weekends are like weekdays, just no meetings.

2. Environment:

a. Make the room cold. 68-72 degrees.

b. No lights. No LEDs. No TV. No Phone. If you must, put some electrical tape over the LED lights on various devices and utilities such as over your wifi router and TV.

c. Blackout Curtains + Eye Mask + White Noise or Earplugs. Look it seems extreme, but the smallest things can wake us. Especially if you live in a downtown environment.

d. Get a weighted blanket (10% of your bodyweight). Weighted blankets create a calming effect, increases serotonin via deep pressure effect - another reason to visit your chiropractor or massage as a side note, reduces nightime movement via a sort of cocooning effect. Did your parents ever "tuck" you into bed? This may also help with restless leg syndrome. Weighted blankets have been shown to reduce heart rate via "touch therapy" again call your chiro or massage therapist.

e. Invest in a mattress. People spend a lot of money on homes and cars and nothing on their mattress. Get a good mattress for the same reason as the weighted blankets.

f. Orthotic Pillow. Sleep on your back. it protects your neck and the discs from dehydration and what I call a static strain of the muscles in the neck.

3. Intake:

a. If you get up to PEE a lot at night consider taking a salt tab with gatorade before bed. Eat at the same time everyday will cause more regular movements (Consult you Medical Doctor as well).

b. Breathing: difficulty breathing at night? consider nose tape, creams, sprays, peppermint, and neti pot.

c. Kick Caffeine after 10am. The half life of caffeine is something like 6 hours. So if you ingest 1000g of caffeine. Which is a lot. 6 hours later there will still be 500g of caffeine in your body. Still a lot. 12 hours later there will be 250g in your body (more than in a caffeine pill). 18 hours later (which you should be in bed), there will be 125g of caffeine in your body (a small cup of coffee).

d. No alcohol before bed. You may fall asleep, but you do not get into deep restful sleep, REM. Which is the point of sleep. getting to REM is like flying an airplane. It takes time to onboard and then takeoff until you reach altitude. Once at altitude (REM) you stay here for awhile until you land which is another process.

e. No eating right before bed (2 hours max)

f. No liquids 3 hours before bed. Goes back to point "a." Front load all of your fluid intake througout the day so that before bed you're good and when you wake up, you might be slightly dehydrated in which case you start the process of frontloading fluid again.

4. Habits

a. 20-30 minutes of midday sunlight daily. Go on a walk after a meal is a good way to get this done as well as aids digestion and gets you moving. Supplement with Vitamin D3 as well. Be sure to eat that with a meal containing fat since Vit. D is fat soluble.

b. Don't workout 2 hours before bed. This will raise your core body temperature which takes time come down.

c. Instead of having an alarm to wakeup, have an alarm to go to bed. between 9pm-11pm is ideal. Imagine having a bedtime reminder. If you went to bed on time, you probably wouldn't need an alarm to wake up. What a horrbile way to start your day. Every hour before midnight is almost like two hours of sleep in the bank.

d. Take a warm shower before bed.


I hope all of this helps. You can apply a few of these things or all of them. Getting more sleep will improve your communication skills, your relationships, and your health. Which in turn can improve your finances. You'll also just look a helluva lot better which as we do know the "HALO EFFECT" is a real thing.

A quick point on body composition and sleep.

If calories are the number one thing that manage weight gain or weight loss, then sleep is second place. It is so important that if you mess up sleep, it might not matter what you do to lose weight. You're spinning your tires. A quote from Stan Efferding, "If you're getting up at 4am to do 30-60 minutes of cardio every morning to lose weight, you're stepping over $100 bills to pick up nickels." If you're trying to build muscle and only getting a few hours of sleep good luck. You might build some, but it's not optimal. Optimize your life by eating a reasonable calorie intake mostly fruits, vegetable, and lean protein, and SLEEP MORE.

Cheers to good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

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