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FREE House Call and Consultation

Many people are skeptical of the life changing benefits of chiropractic adjustive therapy. Although I will say that I understand their skepticism.

With all the infighting within the profession, the literal hundreds of different styles of practices and techniques, and the unsubstantiated claims made by other healthcare providers (which chiropractic is not in their scope) and family members it can be difficult finding a chiropractor.

Especially when one breaks the mold of the conventional practice and does house calls.

I often get asked, "how do house calls work?"

Today I am offering you a FREE house call and consultation to find out if chiropractic care is right for you.

I typically charge $149 for that consult but today I figured, "to lower the barriers of entry for folks why don't I give them a sample."


that's exactly what it is. I sample. A free trial. A no risk obligation consult.

just click the link below and schedule a FREE House Call and consult:

see you on the other side,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

House Call Chiropractor

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