Do you suffer from migraine headaches so debilitating you have to lock yourself in a dark room?

Vicki (name omitted) a patient of mine is a 60 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 2. She's quite active babysitting her grandkids everyday, volunteering, and maintaining her home. She would never admit it, but so many people depend on her. She constantly worries. One of her worries is not being able to do the things she NEEDS to do (ie be there for her kids and grandkids) but also the things she WANTS to do (volunteer and try to enjoy her retirement).

Vicki suffers from chronic migraine headaches. Normally, she can trudge on and grit her way through it. Occasionally however these migraines get the best of her. Crawling into a dark room, with a warm cloth to her head, and migraine pills is her only option.

One day she was a bit desperate and called a chiropractor not knowing much about them or if they could help. She had taken migraine pills for years and quite honestly did not want to be on so many pills and prescriptions (especially if they helped very little).

A simple assessment and health history cleared Vicki as a strong candidate for a clinical trial of chiropractic care. The chiropractor found some aberrant joint motion in the cervical spine (Aberrant simply meaning the joints were stuck) and delivered an adjustment to the neck, noting a resounding pop. Nearly instaneously Vicki felt what could only be described as her migraine receding. It wasn't quite gone but there was sort of a pressure relief. She described it as if there was a tight rubber band around her head and someone removed that band. Throughout the day the migraine continued to recede until it was completely gone.

Amazed and embarrassed that it took her so long to try chiropractic for her headaches Vicki was delighted to know she had a resource for when her headaches get really bad.

Eventually, she noticed a pattern of frequency of these headaches. She decided to stay ahead of the migraines occurring by undergoing routine bi-monthly chiropractic care without the use of over the counter drugs.


Now, personally I have noticed with headaches and migraines if its chiropractic related (i.e. cervicogenic headaches ) it is quite straightforward when it comes to treatment. I've found that usually it's one visit and before I pack up my table and head out they notice a complete difference. I can only recall one patient who took 3 sessions.

If you have a friend or family member - or maybe even yourself - that suffers from migraine headaches please share this short blog with them and have them reach out to their chiropractor to find out if visiting a chiropractor is right for them.

In good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

Portrait of Dr. Lucas Marchand
Dr. Lucas Marchand

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