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A Call to Support in House Call Chiropractic Care

Amidst the whirlwind of house calls and private chiropractic care, it's crucial to recognize the profound impact we can have on our patients' lives. Beyond the adjustments, we often find ourselves in the midst of personal stories, unveiling a myriad of emotions and struggles experienced within the confines of people's homes and lives.


As a chiropractor making private house calls, the nature of our profession is uniquely up close and personal. We have the opportunity to perceive when our clients are in physical and emotional distress. Throughout my tenure, I've encountered adults breaking down and seeking solace — a testament to the intimate connection forged within the spaces where people live, breathe, and experience their daily challenges.

These home visits bring forth a range of poignant stories—from those coping with physical pain, to caretakers supporting loved ones with health challenges, and families navigating the complexities of family life.

While my primary focus is delivering chiropractic care, I've come to realize the importance of pausing and spending a compassionate moment with someone in need. Sometimes, often, all someone requires is a caring ear and the energy of compassion for just a few minutes to verbalize and process their feelings within the comfort of their own space. I've heard this referred to as "holding space."

Navigating these emotionally charged situations goes beyond the realm of adjustments. I am not a mental health professional. Instead, simply being prepared is key—knowing the resources available for referrals. This involves maintaining a comprehensive file of contacts for mental health, physical therapy, and other critical services, understanding that the need for timely support may arise.

Grief, both physical and emotional, is a significant aspect of the care I provide. The urgency of timely intervention is emphasized, yet the unfortunate reality of potential delays in accessing specialized support is acknowledged. This prompts a call for proactive measures, urging chiropractors offering private house calls to explore alternative resources or find ways to bridge the gap in support for their patients.

In addition to maintaining a well-equipped resource file, fostering a collective effort with awareness at the forefront is vital. Ensuring that my patients are aware of available resources within their community becomes an integral part of the care I offer during house calls.

As we navigate the complexities of private house call chiropractic care, this reflection serves as a timely reminder to approach each interaction with empathy and preparedness. Let us extend our compassion to those who invite us into their homes and lives. By doing so, we create a network of support that transcends professional boundaries, making a tangible difference in the well-being of those we serve.

Have a terrific Tuesday,

Dr. Lucas Marchand

Portrait of Dr. Lucas Marchand
Dr. Lucas Marchand - Chiropractor

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