3 Benefits of the Static Back Exercise|by Dr. Marchand


Dr. Marchand here and today I want to discuss with you the 3 main benefits of the static back exercise.

This is an exercise I picked up from Pete Egoscue that I prescribe to all my acute back pain patients. Heck even if you have chronic back pain you can benefit from this exercise.

So what is it...

Simply, you lay on your back, on the floor or if you're afraid you won't be able to get back up go ahead and do this on your bed.

With both legs bent at right angles (thighs at 90 degree angle and calves at a perpendicular 90 degree angle. Kind of how you sit in a chair but on your back), on a chair, block, ottoman, or couch have them rest here.

next. . .

Rest your hands on your stomach or the floor below shoulder level with palms up. Let the back settle into the floor. Breath from your diaphragm (breath from your stomach not your chest).

stay in this position for 5-10 minutes

1. gravity places the hips into the floor and the knees and ankles into the block, couch, ottoman, or bed. This re-aligns the hips, pelvis, knees, and ankles.

2.This also helps to stretch out the hamstrings which are often tight due to the fact that many of us sit at a desk all day.

3. This is extremely relaxing, especially if you're mindful of your breathing and increases blood flow.

Do this every day in the morning if you'd like whilst listening to some good tunes, a podcast, or just meditate.

to good health,

Dr. Lucas Marchand.

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