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The Chiropractic Adjustment Explained

A quick & simple explanation of what's happening when you get adjusted


Dr. Lucas the House Call Chiropractor just a quick write up explaining what exactly is going on when you get adjusted by your chiropractor. 

Chiropractors treat many different ailments but our bread and butter is neck and back pain. Or at least that is what the majority of the public thinks we do. 

Your spine is dynamic in the sense that it is able to rotate, laterally flex, and bend forwards and backwards. But sometimes our spine - or more specifically - segments or joints in our spine get stuck. When this happens this tends to have a cascade of events afterwards such as reactive muscle spasming, joint pain, and headaches.

What we are attempting to do as chiropractors is to restore those "stuck" joints and make them unstuck by delivering a high-velocity-low-amplitude thrust aka an adjustment.

when this happens, especially if the adjustment is performed by the chiropractors hands, a person may experience a popping sensation otherwise known as a cavitation. This is simply gas in between the joints that is being released. Going from a liquid state into a gas state creating a pop. This is totally normal and in fact many chiropractors are looking for that feedback because it lets us know the stuck joint has been made unstuck. usually shortly thereafter people experience pain relief but sometimes it may take a few sessions to fix a particular ailment.

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