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Dr. Lucas Marchand here to discuss if chiropractic can help with your jaw pain. 

Some of my patients present with common ailments that chiropractors treat such as headaches, neck pain, and back pain. Occasionally they will ask me if I do anything for jaw pain. The answer can be complex. I often ask if they find themselves grinding their teeth at night or work a stressful job (I have noticed a correlation here).


 I then assess the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which is located just in front of your ears. If you take your fingers and slide them forward from your ears about a half inch and open and close your jaw you will feel the TMJ moving. 

People with TMJ joint dysfunction may experience popping, pain, and headaches. A simple assessment often reveals hypertonic muscles around the jaw and face. More specifically the masseter muscle and the pterygoyd muscle. Using massage techniques to break up and relax those muscles often aids in the adjustment of the TMJ as well as prolongs the benefits after the adjustment. Adjusting the TMJ is simply finding which joint is stuck and delivering an impulse to the joint to restore aberrant joint motion. See the video for a more detailed explanation.

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